What are You Craving?

Among the most frequent problems that come up while eating during pregnancy is cravings. Cravings are usually a problem that surface between three to six months into your pregnancy.

The majority of women wonder, should they give into cravings? Or ignore them completely? It depends on what you are craving in addition to any inherent causes underlining your needs for specific foods.

Frequent Pregnancy Cravings

Watermelon, Marshmallow, Pink, CandyIn a recent research among pregnant women, 40% favored candies, 33% craved salty snacks, 17% wanted hot meals, and 10% desirable something sour. Cravings are experienced by more than half of pregnant women in some stage throughout their pregnancy, although it most commonly surfaces throughout the second trimester, as stated above.

Sweets are undoubtedly the most often desired and out of all the candies, chocolate leads the pack as the most commonly-desired indulgence.

Sometimes the impulse to eat specific foods while pregnant can get overwhelming. What exactly causes these powerful urges? Is it only hormonal, or does a craving point out a nutrient deficit? Studies have been mixed on what may or may not lead to cravings.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can have a deep impact on your senses of taste and smell, which might make a woman to want certain foods. Some nutritionists feel that particular cravings can indicate a nutritional deficit. Cravings for ice, cigarette butts, and even dirt can indicate a pregnancy illness called pica which is a  result of an iron deficiency.

Cravings for red meat may signify a demand for nourishment, while cravings for chocolate can alert a professional to a lack of magnesium.

Other research state that there isn’t any true connection between cravings and nutrient deficiencies. But if you’re experiencing an overpowering craving for some kind of food, it is sensible to speak to a nutritionist or your OB/GYN or midwife, that will check for nutrient deficiencies.

How to Take Care of Cravings

While cravings cause no injury, indulging in these too frequently can make you gain weight if you’re craving a lot of the wrong type of thing. You might try out indulging in a healthier treat that could provide you the exact same psychological payoff as eating the actual food.

If your craving is ice cream, then perhaps you could try frozen yogurt on occasion. If your passion is chocolate, then you may try eating a small bit of top quality dark chocolate daily. Chocolate does have caffeine, so ensure that you maintain your general caffeine intake below 150mg each day.

Studies reveal that Animals in Attic Daytona increasing your consumption of Omega-3 fatty acids may actually help to curb your craving for specific foods. You should to be taking 250mg of all Omega-3 fatty acids during your pregnancy.