Keep Raccoons Away!

Raccoons can be a real nuisance when it comes to our garbage. Here is a common scenario: You walk outside in the morning to throw out last night’s garbage, only to find a enormous mess of trash and debris spread all across your driveway and lawn.

If this seems familiar, then you possess a wild animal problem, and it’s probably raccoons. Raccoons are highly intelligent and ambitious mammals with dexterous paws. These attributes makes it effortless for raccoons to access our possessions and generate a long list of potential damages.Please Donate, Coffee Donation, Paypal

A big-time attraction for many raccoons is food, so trash cans are common targets. If you know raccoons are an issue in your neighborhood, it’s sensible to take certain preventative measures to keep raccoons away from trash cans, as well as, the other areas of your premises. Read on to find out how to do precisely that and more.

Raccoons are Very Intelligent

Raccoons have genuinely incredible memories. Once they understand your home is a source for food, then they’ll continue to revisit, night after night, till you create it too hard for them to raid your property. Fortunately, there are simple means of thwarting raccoons all on your own using practical procedures, changing old habits, and outsourcing professional service (if need be). Here are some tips for keeping raccoons away from your garbage, along with the rest of your home:

Wait to Take Out the Trash – There are a few rules when it comes to trash cans and raccoons. Consistently take them out on the dawn of garbage pickup day.

Secure Trash Cans – If you don’t have the choice of taking your trash cans out on the afternoon of trash day, you need to make arrangement to secure down your eyelids so that raccoons cannot open them.

To disguise your crap scents, just double bag. You may also put ammonia soaked cotton balls in a bowl near your trash cans for the rest of the times of this week. These scents, coupled with lid locks, will make it more challenging for raccoons to get into your trash. The odor may keep them away altogether.

Humanely Scare Raccoons – Raccoons are fearful of humans, as most wild creatures are, so that you are able to utilize human voices and noises as method of keeping them off your property. This doesn’t mean you must stay up all hours of the night making noises. Instead, put a radio near your patio, trash cans, or anywhere you have raccoon action, and it will do the trick!

Powder that the Floors – Raccoons don’t like the sensation of dust on their paws and toes. So you can try sprinkling baby powder or sand around your trash cans to keep them away. Because you’re able to see the paw prints from the powder, then this method is great at telling you how many raccoons you’re managing, and whether they’ve stopped visiting.

Eliminate All Water Resources – Raccoons aren’t just hunting for food in your premises, they’re also searching for water. By eliminating all water sources on your property, you decrease the quantity of possible targets for raccoons. This includes pet dishes, bird baths, standing puddles, and much more. While you’re at it, remove all other possible food sources also, including pet food, bird feeders, and squirrel feeders.

Professional Raccoon Control – In case you can appear to deal with your raccoon problem with these approaches, it’s helpful to outsource expert raccoon management services. Licensed contractors retain the appropriate licenses, equipment, and resources to both exclude and extract raccoons, safely and humanely.