Gotta Love your Business

Gotta Love your Business

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Sometimes the word”Love’ does not get the credit it deserves.

Sure, we know it is the key to success in marriage, in parenting, in community, and in culture – but what about business?

There are many men and women that are determined to keep the word out of the workplace. But we cannot deny that if you remove the word love from a situation where you have to deal with people, you’re eventually going to have a mess on your hands. Consider it for a second. What is the main ingredient in business? People. In other words if you have no people you cannot have business.

The Key To Profitability

The key to long-term profitability in business is the ability to satisfy customers – and to do it consistently, and in an ever increasingly outstanding way.

And the basis of customer satisfaction is when customers feel that their needs are being met. What’s interesting is that people buy based on emotion, and justify their decisions with logic – in other words, their emotional needs are what they want met over anything else.

What kind of emotional needs? The need for acceptance, the need for self-worth, the demand for safety, the need to feel appreciated. Wasn’t it mother Theresa that said that people crave appreciation over bread?

And just so happens that the actions of love are all based on characteristics such as patience, kindness, sacrifice, gentleness, genuine concern, appreciation, integrity, honesty and encouragement. Basically all of the things that customers are trying to find.

And of course, what workers are searching for, what sellers are looking and what every other person in business is looking for.

Love in Action

How do you almost convey love to your clients, employees, vendors etc.? The easiest and simplest approach is to go the additional mile.

The following are some good tips to get you started:

Ask, rather than tell.

No one understands people’s needs then the people themselves. It only make sense that we spend most of our time asking questions to better understand what their needs are.

Listen, as opposed to talk.

The only way to really understand we understand the needs of our people is to replicate it to them and obtain their confirmation. This tip alone has saved me from a great deal of trouble with my wife.

Nothing conveys that you care than when you meet people’s needs. Except when you exceed their expectations. You can even go a step further by giving them what they want, as well as what they need.


Essentially, love is the greatest”influencer,” because love meets needs, and when needs are met, it builds confidence; and as confidence develops your influence grows. Then you can direct your customers, your employees, your vendors, your partners and everyone else toward the target where everyone wins – and you build wealth in the process.

Do not believe me? Check out the company that for 31 years has never had an unprofitable year – Southwest Airlines.

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