Tips to Make Your Blog or Website Popular

Many webmasters ask this question to SEO experts that how to make my website or blog popular quickly. For them, I would say that there is no shortcut to success. All you need is to be fair in whatever you do and have patience. You will see the positive results. In this post, I will explain few points, if followed can lead your website to big success.

Unique Contents:

The first and very important step to make your website a big hit is that you should provide unique contents. Never copy the contentĀ of a popular website in a hope that you will make your website popular very soon. There are advantages of providing unique contents. All big popular websites will link back to you if your content is unique and have some importance for their users. More and more popular websites will start linking back to you. Your authority will increase. You will receive more backlinks and hence more Google PageRank value as well as more referral traffic.

Hold Your Visitors:

This is another art you should know. You can get traffic from many sources but if your website is not able to hold this traffic, your website is not able to turn this traffic to re- visitors, your website popularity will never increase. A website is popular because of re-visitors. If users feel that your website is worth visiting again, it’s your win and sign of the popularity of your website.

Here are some points on how can you hold your visitors-

  • Unique content will hold visitors.
  • Website navigation should be easy. User should easily get what they are looking for.
  • Never try to make your users fool by providing misleading information.
  • Never distract your visitor from your website contents.
  • Some kind of regular visitor participation like poll, survey, contest etc.
  • Keep away your website from Spamming

Provide New Contents:

Update your contents frequently. Search engines like new contents. Fresh and unique contents will keep your SERP up and high SERP will turn into high traffic and hence more chances of your website to be popular. For a single service or product provider websites, they can focus more on quality of their services. Always try to keep your website search engine friendly in order to achieve high SERP.

Active participation in Related Niche:

Active participation in related niche websites, blogs to pull traffic as well as to put our website in front of users of other websites is required. More exposure your website will get, more likely users will come back to your website. The form of participation could be blog commenting, forum posting and article submission etc.

Social Bookmarking and Social Networking:

Social Networking and Social Bookmarking can bring good amount of traffic to your website and can give exposure to your website. Your next job is to convert this traffic to your regular visitors.